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Hull Blyth Araouzos Featured

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Demos Georgiades
147 Chr. Hadjipavlou Street
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In 1936 the British shipping company Hull Blyth & Co Ltd of London initiated business activities in Cyprus. The company was later incorporated with the participation of the local executives, and by 1960, was renamed Hull Blyth Araouzos Ltd. In 1984 it became a purely local company.

Offices in all cities of Cyprus were established, and were all involved in ticketing, tour operation, cargo handling and clearing & forwarding services, with special expertise service in shipping activities. The Nicosia office was mainly involved in aviation services.

With the enlargement of trade between Cyprus and overseas after the second World War, Hull Blyth increased its efforts for achieving a relatively remarkable expansion of its activities. The company thrived through the years taking advantage of the privileged geographical position of the island, which is surrounded by three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia.

As a result of the Turkish invading forces occupying about the 40% of the island in 1974, the company and its Associates have suffered heavy losses and were deprived of their premises in Famagusta and Kyrenia. Both those offices are still not operating. The company's handling office, which was at Nicosia Airport, has also been closed.

However, Hull Blyth did not yield to the threats of the situation. On the contrary, the company became the pioneer shortly after the invasion when it realized it was indispensable to rely heavily on its own resources to draw off power and overcome the situation. To do this, Hull Blyth secured more adequate agencies so as to meet with the evolution of a more versatile international trade.

With the construction of Larnaca Airport in 1975, a boom started in the travel and tourism business. As a result, the Aviation department revived and new handling offices were established at Larnaca airport, a key point from which Hull Blyth could guarantee a quicker and far more effective service. The island's entire shipping business was also diverted to Limassol and Larnaca, but Limassol became the main port of Cyprus.

The directors of the company have all been contributing much to the public affairs of Cyprus in various sectors, embarking on a valuable step forward in the field of transport.

Until today, the company provides a wide variety of services in passenger and cargo transport by sea, land and air. These also include agency services for shipping, aviation, travel and tourism, customs clearance and freight forwarding, thus contributing to the whole spectrum of economic activities in Cyprus.

As the transport means evolve and increase to meet the demands of the 21st century, the company's objective is to achieve continuous improvement through a rigorous program of staff training and careful recruitment, thus ensuring and improving quality in all fields of our services.

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