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05-07-2022 22:16

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Sotiris Drakos LLC

Listing Details

Company Logo
Contact Person
Sotiris Drakos
14 Prometheos Street
Address 2
Maristo House
Address 3
3rd Floor
Office 301-302
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SOTIRIS DRAKOS LLC was initially established in 1994 by Mr. Sotiris Drakos. In 2008, the firm then became a private limited company registered under the registration number HE237468, in compliance with the relevant national legislation and rules of the Cyprus Bar Association.

We provide the highest range of legal services which are tailored to the needs of our clients and include both international and local organizations, businesses, major corporations and individuals. Our company consists of a team of lawyers and associates in Cyprus and abroad, who are general practitioners and at the same time specialists in their own individual fields.


Approachable: Our professional yet friendly and informal environment enables our clients to comfortably confide their problems and challenges to us.

Committed to our clients: We treat each case differently and anticipate our clients’ needs responding immediately to the emerging business and litigation challenges.

Pragmatically aggressive: we control the agenda, keep deals moving, and ensure that each case is going towards a successful conclusion.

Strategically focused: Our legal team has acquired an exceptional depth of specialized talent and experience, and thus can comfortably and efficiently address the most complex and critical matters and disputes.

Aware of the latest legal amendments: In order to provide advice and service to the very highest standard we ensure that we are constantly up-to-date with any legal reforms or changes. Furthermore, our lawyers often attend seminars in order to extend their legal knowledge.

In addition to the English, Greek and French language our office can provide in-house proficiency in Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

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