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28-09-2022 21:36

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Papantoniou & Papantoniou L.L.C. Featured

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Company Logo
Contact Person
Antonis S. Papantoniou
41, Themistokli Dhervi
Address 2
Hawai Tower, Office 708
Address 3
P.O. Box 21233
+ 357 22 81 77 11
+ 357 22 81 77 17
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Papantoniou & Papantoniou L.L.C. was established by its Managing Partner Antonis S. Papantoniou in 1987 and is widely recognised for its provision of legal services, legal representation, advisory services, tax planning and has an extensive international clientele. The office operates in a highly-efficient and effective manner in representing Greek interests in Cyprus and provides advisory services to Greek nationals intending to extend their business activities to Cyprus or to Cypriots who are active in Greece. The firm has also extended its offices to now offer a vast majority of services to International Business Entities from countries such as the Middle East, India, Russia and all European Countries through its associate firms.

The firm provides legal, consulting and fiduciary services, along with judicial representation, international trusts and tax planning to clients within and outside the jurisdiction of Cyprus. IBC’s established in Cyprus can now through our Firm extend their trade, business, and financial activities to other European or non-European Countries.

Since 2004 the firm has been a member of EUROPEAN LAW FIRM, an international organisation representing every European country, which makes it one of the 29 commercially oriented firms which are committed to offering exceptional yet cost effective legal services across the global spectrum.

This link offers the ability to provide legal services to our clients anywhere in Europe through an associated law firm. Due to its membership therefore, it is ensured that our Firm undergoes fast processing of legal affairs in addition to proper legal protection for any business or trade activities conducted by our clients. This means clients can be assured of the trustworthiness of the Law Office, the timely and effective completion of cases and full legal protection of business activities in other countries.

In the field of franchising, our office offers a wide range of legal services to protect the interests of our clients and continuous support for the smooth operation of such agreements.

Through EUROPEAN LAW FIRM services are offered to our clients in respect of developing business activities in the European area, safeguarding issues in respect of the sale/purchase of immovable property, protecting intellectual property rights in trademarks and industrial property including legal representation where necessary. This Firm’s expertise extends also to represent its clients’ interests in the financial sector (i.e. stock market, securities, and investment accounts).

The fact that the Firm is also active in the programme of green development opens up new venues for cooperation and representation of foreign companies or individuals who wish to take part in such programmes sponsored by the European funding. In addition, in the case of foreign public companies, our Firm is licensed to list it in the Stock Exchange.

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