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12-08-2022 03:56

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Tonia Jewellery

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Tonia Theodorou
Ayiou Andreou 177, Agora Anexartisias
99645990, 25355244
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Tonia began her career in Florence, Italy, the country of fashion and art. and has been designingjewellery since 1987. Since 1992 she has been running her own shop "Tonia Jewellers" in Limassol. Her greatest source of inspiration is what she considers her biggest creation ... her daug...morehter. We are referring to Tonia Theodorou, the well-known artist who has made and will continue to make Cyprus famous in the jewellery design industry. Her reputation goes beyond Cyprus and Europe all the way to America and Japan where her creations have received favourable reviews in many exhibitions worldwide. She confesses to not having a particular mould, because she creates according to her mood and imagination and she believes that a true artist is the one who initiates a fashion trend. Her creations leave little to be desired as she creates original pieces which are modern as well as timeless and are perfect tor tlie special gift. From intricate wedding rings to diamond studded necklaces, Touia's range of jewellery is designed to please both the.... Prince and the Purse! She confessed that what she wants is for people to know that her jewellery comes fi'om the ideaof movementand in this way she wishes to involve her clients in the creation of her art. Througli this she offers different ideas, for example, transforming a necklace into two bracelets and different rings or one medallion with ten different forms. Her creations are based on two elements, that of movement and that of transformation. In using these two elements, she aims to help women of today change the shape of their jewellery according to the occasion and their needs. The collection of turning rings is based on niovement, for example a ring can be transformed from an everyday ring with gold and amethyst to an evening ring with diamonds. The collection oftransfonuable pieces changes a bracelet into a ring or even into earrings. The 'playful' collection is based on colours as well as movement. With just a simple motion a bracelet can be transformed into three rings or it can even be transformed by changing the gems on it. The artist herself is constantly searching for new ideas and 'hot' designs and, although she is very success-nil in her cooperation with big businesses abroad, she is not considering leaving her home country. However, whether in Cyprus or abroad, Tonia Theodorou will continue to create with the same enthusiasm which helped her reach the position she is now in, considered amongst the elite of unique creations.

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