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14-06-2021 02:36

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Theodorou Properties

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22 Makarios Avenue
Address 2
Makaria Centre
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Office 502
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K & Y Theodorou Investments’ specialization in the building industry provides the professional expertise to manage projects from start to finish. The company handles the acquisition of the land, the utilization of high caliber architects, the execution, the management and monitoring of projects as well as follow-up to final handover to the customer and after sales support and services.

We listen to what the customers need and we focus to provide a final product that meets our customer’s requirements. Our extensive knowledge of the construction industry allows us to provide unique architectural designs that feature spacious and functional floor plans, with fantastic interiors and luxury amenities. We offer a complete array of services from initial concepts through planning, financing, interior design, construction, maintenance, operation and ownership.

The company established its presence in Cyprus mostly in the Larnaca district. The town of Larnaca has an easy-going pace and a relaxed, quiet lifestyle. The captivating Palm Trees Promenade, its Fort, and its old quarters give Larnaca its unique character. The Larnaca Bay with the palm-lined seafront, the busy cafes, taverns, shops and bars provides a unique experience all year round. Larnaca is an excellent base with easy access to travel all over Cyprus. Its proximity to the island’s main International Airport and other amenities, the booming property development and its beautiful sandy beaches make it an ideal choice for new homeowners.

At the same time the company has developed properties in the Greek market in Athens. Theodorou Courts are synonymous with High Quality, Friendly Service and above all Trust. Firmly walking on successful grounds, we are constantly planning our future steps. We are now making inroads in the international market with property development in Bulgaria. Further the expansion in the Romania and Serbia property development market is in the planning phase.

Customer Services
Utilizing our creativity, experience, technical expertise and customer service orientation we have integrated a friendly and simple process for our potential customers. Our motto is that “An informed customer is the most satisfied customer”. We offer a complete guide for the purchasing and transfer of ownership process, the financing process, and full after-sales support.

Guide to Buying Property in Cyprus
The company will guide the perspective customer though the property buying process so that all required legal procedures are followed, thus securing the customer’s interests. The process includes the consultation for:

• Property Ownership by non-Cypriots
• The Title Deed and Transfer of Ownership though the Cyprus Land Registry
• Real Estate Transfer Tax schedule provided to customer in advance before the purchase
• Property Taxes, Fees and Rates schedule provided to customer in advance before the purchase
• Customer Reselling Property services.

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