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05-07-2022 21:54

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George Malekkos
Corner Kannari & 8 Prodromou Street
Address 2
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"Powersoft Computer Systems Ltd" is working in the Cyprus market, in the field of informatics, since 1993. Its object of work is the development and installation of computer software, accompanied with the appropriate training and by providing the necessary technical support at any time.

By the end of 94 a big turnaround occurs towards the graphical environment of windows, thus, Powersoft dares to review its strategic plans for sales promotion and begins the designing and development of its products in a graphical environment. As a result of this change was the low performance on sales until 1997. After that, the company starts with an increase of over 120% per year.

In 1999 the company gains an important advantage against big companies in Cyprus, with ready-made software for handling a warehouse designed in a windows environment, user-friendly, with capabilities for representing charts, connecting to the Internet, and many other functions. All these placed Powersoft in the market as one of the faster growing Software companies.

It is renamed to Powersoft Computer Solutions Ltd, offering a wider range of technological services. From the 25 of November 1999 it becomes the first and only company in Cyprus that earns the TickIT certification, which is a specialization of ISO 9001 for companies that deal with Informatics and sets the international standards for Software development.

The staff of the company, with years of experience, offers priceless advises concerning the choice of the most appropriate software systems and the correct choice of computers. Powersoft assisted many businesses to correspond to their goals and plans through careful and persistent programming and implementation. It fully understands how important the systematic and adequate information is for the managers and supervisors of an organization from an automated system. Consequently, its customers vary from free professionals to big banking organizations. The intention of the company is to work as a team with its customers and the use of the latest technology in order to obtain the desirable solutions.

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