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05-07-2022 22:20

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Christos Papakyriakou
4C Pentayias Street
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Dali Industrial Estate
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Digicom Ltd was established in October of 1982 with a clear objective to provide solutions to electricity problems that affected the proper operation of any electronic device. With the introduction of computers in manufacturing as well as the business environment, digicom's business soon took off. Representing leading manufacturers of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Rectifiers, Inverters as well as Battery manufacturers, digicom was able to provide correct solutions to power problems appearing in computer applications, telecommunication, transmission, as well as medical equipment.

Our engineering team, consisting of factory trained electronic engineers and technicians, is continuously updated on recent developments in the power protection field. They are able to provide assistance and advice from the design and planning stage of a project right through to the installation and commissioning of power protection equipment.

Two points that differentiate Digicom from other suppliers, is the sound & informed advice and recommendations made by the company regarding a customer's specific requirements, which is offered following an extensive study of the specific site and application. The second point is that following an installation Digicom's engineers provide unrivalled service, in terms of preventive maintenance as well as prompt support, in the unlikely event of a problem developing. To ensure customer peace of mind following the first year warranty, maintenance contracts are offered to clients, which cover parts and labour, allowing Digicom's engineers to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the equipment, through a series of preventive maintenance visits as well as immediate response in the event of a fault developing.

With Nicosia as a base, Digicom's sales and engineering personnel can respond to a sales or a service request on the entire Island. Several thousand installations are maintained and are running trouble-free for a considerable number of years, be it radar sites on the top of Troodos mountains or back office systems in nearly every hotel in Cyprus or even disaster recovery sites in most of the largest banks on the Island.

Among digicom's clientele are major organizations such as the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, the Cyprus Electricity Authority, the Cyprus Government Electromechanical Service, the Cyprus University, the Cyprus Stock Exchange, most of the banks on the Island, insurance companies, the largest supermarkets on the Island, major T.V. and radio stations, the majority of internet service providers (ISPs), a large number of hotels, factories, offshore companies, colleges, advertising and media companies, the Army, Police, as well as the United Nations, computer dealers, large and small end users.

Digicom has also exported units to such organizations as the Saudi Telecom Corporation and Aramco among others.

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