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12-08-2022 03:31

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Varnava Architects

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Varnavas Varnava
Korano Building - Office 102
Address 2
3 Stavrou Avenue
Address 3
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VARNAVA ARCHITECTS were established in 1981.

We specialise in Residential Architecture (Luxury Houses & Villas) but have also designed and supervised Commercial, Industrial and Tourism related projects.

Since 1998 a great volume of work has been done for Developers.

Architectural work is complemented by Space Planning, Interior and Environmental Design on Residential and Commercial scale and has been published in a number of trade magazines and technical news-letters.

At VARNAVA ARCHITECTS, we believe that an architectural office should not impose any specific style upon any client.

An architectural office should be able to work equally well in any style the client prefers.
Over the years we have designed from Contemporary, Modern, Post-Modern to "Classicist" buildings and almost anything in between.

The common denominator in all of our work has been GOOD SYNTHESIS in any Architectural Language we opted to use.

AESTHETICS,FUNCTION AND BUDGET together with top quality materials, cutting edge latest technology and excellence in workmanship have been painstakingly striven for, to ensure long time, enduring success for our works.

INNOVATION IN DESIGN keeps our work interesting and exiting to us and pleasantly surprising, enjoyable and always new to our clients.

GENESIS OF NEW IDEAS, as controlled by common sense and practicality makes our works not only original but also applicable and buildable.

PROBLEM SOLVING is a welcome challenge for our office; hence we perform exceptionally well when dealing with peculiar sites and special, or out of the ordinary, client’s requirements.

PROFESSIONAL RESPECT earned from our clients and our colleagues, as well as from local Planning and Building Authorities has been the greatest satisfaction we enjoy in Architecture as a profession, a social act and mainly a way of life.


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