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Vasilis Vasiliou
18 Acropolis Street
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LOEL is one of the three biggest wineries in Cyprus dedicated to the production of premium bottled wines utilizing only mountain grown grapes from Paphos and Limassol district. Before becoming a full member of the European Union huge amounts of bulk wines were produced that were exported to Germany as Sangria and other aromatic wines. The main winery is located in the town of Limassol, while other two smaller wineries are located on mountains, one of them at Polemi, Paphos and the other at Lania, Limassol for the production of Commandaria liqueur wine.
LOEL company, apart from the production of wines and spirits, produces fruit juices that are packed in TP bricks.

LOEL LTD was founded in 1943 and it was the first winery in Cyprus that was organised in the form of public company having thousands of shareholders, who in their majority were viticulturists. In the initial stages of its operation, LOEL produced spirits and fortified wines as the only quality products that could be produced from the indigenous grape varieties of those times, as Mavro, Xynisteri and Muscat of Alexandria, from which a unique Cypriot wine was produced, famous abroad and known under the name “LOEL Muscat”.

When the Ministry of Agriculture imported and planted in Cyprus new grape varieties in order to enrich and upgrade the Cypriot vineyards, LOEL was the first winery that accepted with enthusiasm this new qualitative upgrade, producing very soon after that, high quality table wines with fresh and fruity character, as was Palomino, St Hilarion, Riesling, Muscat etc. Simultaneous, LOEL developed its own vineyards, in order to ensure its needs in superior quality grapes.

The efforts of LOEL were very shortly crowned with success by signing contracts with the Soviet Union for the sale of big quantities of bottled Muscat, bottled Commandaria and red dry wine in bulk. During this period, LOEL was equipped with machinery and storage tanks in such a quantity that could receive and process up to 30 millions kilos of grapes.In addition, the company in 1988 had also installed two Tetra Pack packing lines and it was the first one in the Eastern Mediterranean to present table wines and Sangria, under the trade name VINOTHEQUE, along with Fruit Juices in Tetra Brik.
After the events that had changed the Soviet Union and led to the loss of this market, LOEL achieved to maintain its exports with the sale of big quantities of aromatized wines in bulk to Germany, lasting up to 2004. During those times the major part of the winery's production, about 75% - 80%, was exported to Europe, mainly to Germany and on a smaller scale to other countries. The rest of the winery's production was sold locally on wholesale as well as on retail basis, to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, groceries, pubs, etc. After the integration of Cyprus into the European Union (May 2004), the state of Cyprus could not continue to subsidize the exports of aromatized wines, prices therefore had been kept high

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