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22-03-2018 13:39

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I.P Gaia Oinotechniki

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Byron Panayiotou
Ayios Amvrosios
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Getting to Know the winery

I.P Gaia Oinotechniki Ltd is a regional winery which operates at Ayios Amvrosios village, Lemesos District, since 1988. It is producing, processing and bottling approx. 120.000 bottles annually, delivering to the market six different quality wines.
The winery cultivates organically its vineyards according to the EEC regulation 2092/91, producing from these grapes three of its wines which bear a special mark on their labels.
The mark is a guarantee to the consumer that the vineyards which produce the grapes, the Winery and the vinification/wine-making process have been inspected by the Organization for Control and Certification “Lacon”, which is recognized by the European Union and the Cyprus Government and meets Regulation of the EU. This regulation provides for the non-use of chemical preparations both in cultivation and in processing.

The Winery has, since its formation, an environmental orientation and a great concern regarding the hygiene of foods and, for this reason applies the certified programs ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 14001, of the Cyprus Company of Certification (CCC) for the management of quality, environment, hygiene and safety of foods.

Getting familiar with the wines

Wines from organically grown grapes
1. Oenanthi ( white dry wine - Sultana)
2. Oenanthi (rose dry wine- Grenache)
3. Oenanthi (red dry – Cabernet Sauvignon)

Wines from non organically grown grapes
4. Ambelidha ( white dry wine - Xynisteri)
5. Ambelidha (red dry wine – Cabernet Franc – Shiraz)
6. Agravani (red dry wine – Cabernet Sauvignon - Shiraz, - Grenache,)

Distribution and clients service is offered by Othon Galanos Group.

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