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Cyprus Bridal Beauty

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Welcome to Cyprus Bridal Beauty
The original complete professional make up, beauty and hairdressing service for
Cyprus weddings
A special you for your special day, your Cyprus wedding. No need to worry about
nerves - our expert beauty therapists and hair stylists will make sure you are as relaxed
and pampered as you would wish to be, while a trial consultation for your make up and
hair ensures everything will be as you dreamed it would. Congratulations!
Nicky, an english Beautician who lives near Paphos, works hard and is always available for
a little bit of friendly advice. Nicky fell so much in love with Cyprus she moved here shorlty
after her own wedding in St Georges Chapel.
We are so much more than a bridal make up, beauty and hair team - we are the
calm heads and the extra pair of helping hands, we can assist you in getting your
beautiful dress on, which can be stressful and time consuming, especially
corset fastenings
In our web site we can provide you with information regarding services for weddings,
or beauty for any occasion. It’s easy - so that you don't have to chase around
on your big day - we bring everything to you. We have various packages with
discounts available, all the services we offer and the prices are listed on the
beauty prices page. There are also photographs and testimonials from our previous
customers to give you confidence in our service and if you want to double check
with a previous customer just ask.
We are experts on the backstage preparations - we really are here for you.
Always here to help,
Nicky x

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