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23-03-2018 10:47

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Fiji Polynesian Restaurant

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Andreas Mouaimis
21 Makarios Avenue
Address 2
Agia Napa
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xperience the beauty of the exotic Polynesia of the South Pacific in Fiji Polynesian Cuisine” in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Relax and enjoy exotic Fruits and Vegetarian Meats, Poultry or Seafood with unusual herbs and spices in front of the open kitchen and next to the impressive traditional wood fired oven we have. Now you can find in Europe what you were looking for in South pacific: The decor of “Fiji Polynesian Cuisine” can travel your mind to the quite calm of pristine nature of Polynesia.

Who would have imagined that Ayia Napa would ever have in its position an “A-class” restaurant? Well, imagine my surprise when a couple of week ago as a part of a project I visited Ayia Napa and came across this restaurant. Although from the outside it looks like a really nice place to have lunch or dinner, nothing could prepare you, of what you could witness just by entering insight. An exotic, well-decorated, really charming, elegant and different Polynesian restaurant, that from a very first glance takes you to places far beyond imagination. Just by being there it makes you feel alive and as soon as you taste the Polynesian food prepared by professional chiefs you will be taken straight to paradise.

Now that summer is approaching, if you get the chance of visiting Ayia Napa, “Fiji” is a place that you must visit, cause there is not many other restaurants in Cyprus that can compete with the elegance and taste of this amazingly well designed restaurant that Ayia Napa has now. And with just a couple of steps away from the square center of Ayia Napa, Fiji seems to be exactly what Ayia Napa and its tourists need; an elegant First Class restaurant. As far as the prices are concerned, I must say they are more than reasonable, which is one more reason that makes the restaurant even more exciting.

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