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Markides, Markides & Co. Featured

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Hermione Markides
Markides House
Address 2
1-1A Heroes Street
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Welcome to our Firm.

From my earliest days at the Firm when we undertook a comprehensive restructuring process to address the changing needs of our clientele in the then nascent Republic of Cyprus, the modus operandi has been the same: to excel.

Striving for excellence
In truth, this uncompromising professional ethic had been a maxim of the Firm since its establishment in 1933 and was already a key driver of our success. At Markides, Markides & Co., performing above expectations has never been an option or an afterthought, but rather a defining attribute of how we do business. Today, with our ever-increasing international client roster, the value we place on "going that one step further" resonates with our clients more than ever, as do the benefits which they reap from such a commitment.

Making precision our standard
We realise, above all, that safeguarding the interests of clients requires and receives a solid commitment to impeccable execution. This not only necessitates an infrastructure that promotes efficiency and cutting-edge technology, it also places a premium on demanding minds and depth of knowledge: people with the ability to anticipate challenges and deliver results.

Staying On The Cutting Edge of Progress
The Firm is thus characterised by a careful blend of its regard to traditional service and methodologies with an equally important commitment to exploiting the advances in information technology required by today's worldwide market place. All of our operations are on-line, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency regardless of where our clients may be physically located. In addition, we continuously upgrade our systems for security purposes and, more importantly, to remain in the forefront of innovation.

In order to ensure reliability and precision, which is needed in IP business, our Firm is linked with a well-established and internationally regarded IP software program. Combining this extremely powerful and reliable tool with our expertise, we are confident that our motto for excellence will be preserved.

As we move forward through a combination of organic growth and selected cooperation with third parties, we embrace every opportunity to improve the level of our service. We understand full well that credibility and reputation can only be built client by client, relationship by relationship. At Markides, Markides & Co., this is the way it has always been and that is the way we like it! Clients should expect nothing less.

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