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22-03-2018 13:47

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Christophi & Associates

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Christophoros Christophi
CHAPO CENTRAL, 20 Spyrou Kyprianou, Office 201
22 45 62 50
22 66 22 15
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Our law firm was established in 2001. We are a flexible client - centered law firm. Our extensive experience in corporate and commercial matters coupled with a strong litigation department and client - focused philosophy creates a unique combination of that leaves our clients satisfied and loyal.

Our commitment is to respond quickly and work closely with our clients and help them find the most cost - effective and profitable solutions.

Our core areas of specialization are:

1. Company Law
2. Commercial Law & Corporate Law
3. Employment Law
4. Internet and Technology Law
5. Intellectual Property Law

Our clients range from large local corporations to multi-national companies, local public companies to small family businesses and individual entrepreneurs; from banks and other financial institutions to professional firms, including lawyers and accountants.

We number amongst our clients many foreign corporations which we have helped to establish a successful presence in Cyprus.

One of our principal objectives was to create a new culture and approach for our clients and their cases. Christophi & Associates is the law firm you can trust. This is out motto and you will discover it very soon if you choose to work with us.

We always try to give our clients the best we can. Our philosophy is that our clients deserve the best and get the best. Thus we characterize our approach as client focused. Our client focused approach means that:

•we work closely with our clients trying to comprehend their business or other objectives so as to be able to give them the best practical commercial advice.
•there is a always a high degree of partner involvement in the professional work done by the firm.
•our client’s businesses or affairs remain within our law firm.
•our client’s are always abreast of legal developments and opportunities.
•our client’s always receive fast, responsive and quality legal services.
•our clients are offered the best competitive and cost effective prices.

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