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New Helvetia Hotel

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New Helvetia Hotel
6, Helvetia Street,Platres
25 421348
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he 3-star New Helvetia Hotel provides all that is needed of a base for a holiday in Cyprus and on the Troodos Mountains. The Hotel is situated on the upper slopes of the deep defile which carries the vigorous fresh water stream of the Kaledonia Waterfalls. This site provides guests with views of the densely wooded gorge and gives the hotels its sense of grandeur. Located in Platres on Troodos, “The Green Heart of Cyprus” , the Hotel provides guests easy access to the many services in the village, and being a few hundred meters below the Lemesos to Troodos highway, makes finding it a simple matter for new arrivals.

The New Helvetia possesses qualities expected from a small family run hotel. Friendliness, the creation of a cheerful atmosphere and the needs of guests are amongst the paramount considerations of all those involved in the running of the hotel. Its rooms are spacious, they are cool during the hot summer and they are warm during the cold times of the year. Care is Taken to ensure that cleanliness is a priority in all areas to the New Helvetia.

Décor reflects its association with colonial days and this enhances the charm of the surroundings. Everything is designed to promote a peaceful, genteel and restful atmosphere, coupled with a feeling of homeliness and well being. Carpeted corridors and wood covered rooms , wood panelling and cork-lined stairways generate a calm and soothing quietness where nothing harsh shatters the comfort of the guests.

In the public rooms there are little tastes of the hotels long history and these arouse the appetite of any guest interested in the development and background of the chosen holiday hotel.

Always, the food is of a the highest quality, prepared with care and served properly in surroundings conducive to good manners and agreeable, inoffensive behaviour. Breakfast is a particularly good meal to have on the veranda which has an easterly aspect. The enjoyment of the meal and the views are enhanced by the warmth of the morning sun, whose rays, are filtered by the foliage of the Aleppo Pines and spread dappled light across the area.

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