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21-01-2018 15:08

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Ygia Polyclinic Featured

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Elina Kenne
21 Nafpliou Street
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Ygia Polyclinic Public Co Ltd, was established in 1983 and commenced operations in 1987.

Ygia Polyclinic is the largest and best equipped private hospital in Cyprus, strategically located in the heart of Limassol.
After the 2007 completion of a new wing and recent renovations to the original building, Ygia Polyclinic now boasts availability of 152 beds, 11 operating theatres, Chemical Laboratory, X-Ray facilities, Tomography Examinations (CT & MRI), Multidynamic Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Obstetrics & Gynaecolgy and Paediatric departments.

A number of fully equipped ambulances are available on a 24 hours basis for emergencies.

The majority of senior nursing multilingual speaking staff has been employed for over 15 years. This highlights their professionalism, loyalty and commitment toward the Polyclinic.

Ygia Polyclinic takes into serious consideration the Health and Safety standards (hygiene & catering), which is of great importance in the Health sector.

In connection to this, as well as all the other medical, operational and administration aspects of running a Hospital, Ygia Polyclinic is commencing its procedures for accreditation purposes in 2009. We are confident that this will put our reputation, standards and service on an even higher level.

With its commitment to excellence, Ygia Polyclinic ensures its patients enjoy the best medical treatment possible along with its dedicated team of doctors and staff, and its continuous upgrades of facilities/equipment.

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