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Prunabon Imports Exports Ltd

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Kyriakos Philippides
102 Omonias Avenue, Limassol, 3048, Cyprus
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Prunabon Imports Exports Ltd is among the leading furniture manufacturers as well as provider of an array of services to fulfil the varying needs of each client, since 1980.

It all started from Cyprus, where is our head office, under the corporate name of Prunabon Imports Exports Ltd.
Prunabon International Supplies PT is our factory situated in Cirebon Indonesia, while Prunabon Trading LLC is our Regional Office situated in Dubai – UAE

Prunabon Imports Exports Ltd manufacture and provide high quality custom made furniture and fittings for Hotel Guestrooms, Public Areas, Outdoor Areas, etc
Moreover the company is also involved with the production of the “African Umbrellas – Thatch” used for Umbrellas, Kiosks, etc.

Along with the manufacturing we provide total FF&E and OS&E solutions to assist our clients in the successful purchasing and execution and interior design consultation of their projects as well.

Our prices are competitive and we provide high quality works in timely manner, as otherwise we would not be awarded projects.
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