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Sotiris Houvarntas
Agios Athanasios Industrial Estate, Limassol, , Cyprus
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Why Home & Deco?

Home & Deco is not a typical furniture retail shop. What we try to accomplish on our shops is to inspire you and to direct you on the extraordinary world of interior so you can live your dreams.

Home & Deco interiors is meant for people who have a great love of furniture: its form, its touch and its spirit. We are always in a movement for innovator at the rhythm of fashion, style and taste maker.

In our shops you can find furniture from more periods, style and international influences than any other retailer in Cyprus.

Our mission is to lend pleasure and permanence to contemporary living by creating functional art of lasting value, together by exceptional service.

Introducing furniture & accessories that are tempting today and timeless tomorrow. Home & Deco has been dedicated to its mission of improving the quality of the furniture that is import together with the exceptional service of our interior designers improving the level of gracious living in the lives of all who are touched by our products and services.

In our showrooms every piece makes a statement. Each piece renews our faith in the power of form, proportion and good design.

Home & Deco is not selling furniture but an idea of a global perspective of interior design in a contemporary way of living with respect to the force of tradition.

Our products represent timeless quality and contemporary elegance, in selection of colours, touch sensations and moods that both arouse and satisfy your emotions. Charm, luxury, sophistication and perfection in the detailing represent the essence of shops.
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