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GCN Aletraris Ltd. Featured

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Nicos Aletraris
21 Vathilaka Street, Nicosia, 2033, Cyprus
Address 2
Strovolos Industrial Area
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G.C.N. Aletraris Furniture Ltd. was been established during 1995.

The company started their business as a supplier of indoor, outdoor and office furniture. It operates in the retail, wholesale and contracting market and also does exports in the market of Greece.

The head offices are located in Nicosia which is the capital of Cyprus and also the largest city in the island.

The company today operates two retail outlets in Nicosia and Limassol in the range of indoor, outdoor and office furniture. At the same time, it is involved in the contracting business with many projects done in many hotels, restaurants and cafeterias in Cyprus and also in the market of Greece and the Greek islands.

Our strategic mission for “Better Quality, Better Price and Better Service” has formed a solid base that gives us the confidence to be a full partner to our clients and to realise their projects.
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