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Ergo Home Group

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Vickie Guezekutchekian
47 28th October Street, Nicosia, 2414, Cyprus
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Ergo Home Group Ltd, was established in Cyprus in 1996, with the introduction to the Cyprus market of imported kitchens. The company introduced kitchens and wardrobes for the medium level customer under the brand name CUCINA & CUCINA.

In year 2000 the company created the LIVING concept, entering the field of furniture.

In early 2003 a new concept was created with the name EASYGARDEN, offering indoor and outdoor high quality furniture.

By the end of 2003, the company proceeded with the take over of the second in size group in Cyprus called FORMATEK, strengthening even further its market share.

Ergo Home Group Ltd now consists of 4 brands dealing with kitchen furniture and furniture in general.
Presented below is a profile of its brands:

Cucina & Cucina was formed in 1996 dealing mainly with kitchen furniture wardrobes and joinery imported from Italy. Now 4 showrooms under the brand name Cucina & Cucina are located all over Cyprus (Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos)

In 2000, diversifying our operations we entered the market for home furniture with a new concept under the brand name LIVING. LIVING now consists of 4 showrooms located in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paralimni, selling furniture from Asia and Europe. Living Contract is a part of Living Concept dealing with the supply of furniture, lighting and doors for the hotel industry and complete furniture solutions for the project industry.

In 2003 we expanded our operations further entering the indoor/outdoor furniture industry by introducing Easy Garden. Easy Garden is a company selling premium quality Teak, as well as Rattan furniture imported from Europe and Asia. (Indonesia). It also offers a range of aluminum and plastic Rattan furniture. A brand new Showroom is now located in Alexandria, Egypt.

Formatek was established in1992 as a limited private company. It is a leading components manufacturing enterprise, using the latest computerised technology, the finest quality raw materials and German modern machinery.
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