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24-03-2018 13:40

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Andreas Foutas Real Estate Agency

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Andreas Foutas
A1 Pissouri Beach Apartments
Address 2
Pissouri Village
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Andreas Foutas Real Estate Agency was established in 1972 from its' current director and manager Mr. Andreas Foutas. Mediating for a variety of real properties, 'Andreas Foutas' Real Estate Agency is the only registered Estate Agency Office in Pissouri village and one of the least across Cyprus.

Specialised in all types of real property for sale or rental, it developed steadily in the industry firstly in Pissouri village and afterwards throughout the whole unoccupied territory of the island, ending up into what is today.

We are a legally licensed estate agency, authorised under the Cyprus Real Estate Agency Law (1988). Our registration number (No 201) and licence number (No 273) certify and warrantee that all of our mediations either for sales or rentals are absolutely legal indicating paramount quality, convenient services and professionalism.

Non-registered Estate Agencies or individual persons that mediate as realtors are completely illegal and any mediation of them on any properties is declared as illicit from the Cyprus' Law and its' amendments. 'Pirates' -even their customers- will be accused and prosecuted according to the legislative framework of Cyprus.

Our experience in Cyprus real properties industry -gained over 30 years- has enable us in such a grade that we can treat you as partners and assist you in making the right decisions, avoiding any pitfalls.

Our associates' list includes architects, civil engineers, land surveyors, constructors, quantity surveyors, estate agents, property valuators, developers etc. Apart from property sales and rentals, we can also help you with:

- Property planning and design
- Property construction
- Property management
- Project Economic Feasibility Studies
- Car Hire
- etc.

We promise to make every effort in providing the information and property specification you need to know so as to enable you to buy the right property. So, if you think we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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