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A. Petrides Landtourist Estates Ltd Featured

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Andreas Petrides
31 Char, Mouskou Street
Address 2
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The firm A. Petrides Landtourist Estates Ltd was established in
1981 by the director of the company Mr. Andreas Petrides. The firm is now active in all Real Estate Activities and Chartered
Surveying Practice. The company has an excellent track record
based on a strong professional ethic and a reputation for integrity
and quality of service.

The company A. Petrides Landtourist Estates Ltd was formed in 1981 by the present General Manager, Mr. Andreas Petrides. With tremendous experience in the provision of services in the real estate sector, Mr. Petrides proceeded with further expanding the real estate sector offering all the services relating to the profession. The Company has offices in Nicosia (Lefkosia), Limassol (Lemesos), Protaras and Athens staffed by 27 employees. The main operations of the Company Cyprus-wise and in Greece are:

- Acquisitions, Sales, Rentals of properties,
- Real Estate Valuations and Feasibility Studies,
- Portfolio Management,
- Marketing/Promotion of Real Estate, research for any real estate asset relating to is physical and legal status, transfers, tax exemptions and assistance to identify loan with the best terms.

With great pleasure we welcome you to our new website. The aim of this new and pioneering programme that combines an office suite and a website with all the necessary information for the public is time saving and more efficient serving of our clients. The common database saves time when entering clients/real estate assets and also offers automatic distribution of sms and e-mails to interested clients. In addition you can subscribe and receive our newsletter which is circulated twice every year with all the news of the Landtourist Estates Group of Companies in both Cyprus and abroad. Our goal, as always, is the reliable, timely and comprehensive update
of the public on issues of selling, purchasing and renting real estate.

The firm’s activities cover the whole area of the Island giving services to all major Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Municipalities and Public Utility Authorities.
Other clients include Law firms, Offshore Companies, Land Development Companies, Accounting firms, Brokers, Venture Capital companies, Embassies and private individuals. Our strategy and
ambitions are international. The organization is co-operating with property consultants/firms in other countries (mainly Europe) in order to be able to serve our clients on a global scale. The firm
has also offices and activities in Athens - Greece.

Why us?
In business, the pace of change continuous to evolve rapidly. This in turn promotes increased demand from organizations for professional advice to enhance their rapidly evolving areas of

The property profession is changing fast and today we operate in a global marketplace, which demands new ideas and different approaches in order to create valuable solutions. Due to this challenge, we continue to focus on our vision

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