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Christos Theocleous
46 Makedonitissas Avenue
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The University of Nicosia is the leading private university in Cyprus, combining the best elements in western education, quality standards and an international philosophy.

Located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, an island which lies at the cross-roads of three continents, the University has quickly become a global education centre – hosting students from all over the world, in a multicultural learning environment, promoting friendship, cooperation and understanding.

The University’s mission is to assist students in becoming educated individuals, in achieving their academic and career goals, and assuming responsible roles in a changing world of international cooperation and global interdependence. In pursuit of the above, the University strives to strengthen its facilities, resources, and services, and to promote research and the generation of knowledge for the benefit of Cyprus and the wider world, while being of service to society through the dissemination and application of knowledge, as well as, through innovative partnerships with business and civil society.

The University of Nicosia pursues excellence in education through its four Schools: (a) Business; (b) Sciences; (c) Education; (d) Humanities, Social Sciences and Law. Through these, the University offers a range of academic programmes of study, leading to Bachelor (4 years), Master (18 months - 2 years) and Doctoral (PhD) Degrees – modelled on European and American higher education, and continually reviewed and updated in order to keep pace with developments and changing trends.

Academic tradition encourages the majority of the world’s universities to adopt the name of the city which hosts them. Indeed, this occurs almost as a rule when the city in question happens to be the capital city. The University of Nicosia is proud of the ties and status which its name conveys. To this end, the University is committed to maintaining its position at the forefront of education, research and social service; in line with the enduring motto of the institution: “Excellence in Education”.

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