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Angelos Stylianou
10 Lykourgou Street
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CYCYB LTD (CYPRUS CYBERNET) is established in 1997 in the very beginning of Educational reformation due to Technology and World Wide Web development.

The vision and life target of the founders and shareholders of the Company, with more than a decade experience in the field, is the spiritual and cultural development of Cyprus and the best positioning of the country in the world wide cultural and social map.

The means to achievement of our common vision are the offer of qualitative Education to our children and the continuous training of the professionals of our country. At the same time, the Company promotes strategic collaborations with External Educational Bodies so much for harmonisation with international models what for endogenous Research and Growth.

The Company is a member of Cyprus Commercial and Industrial Chamber (KEVE) and has developed excellent relations with the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDAU). The Company is financed by the Popular Bank, through which it offers parcel of financing for its new collaborators. Other strategic collaborations of the Company are with the CYTANET and the Private Colleges.

Further, the Company has developed international relations and collaborations, with European collaborations being the main priority, because of the European orientation of our country. Initial European collaborations include organizations in the United Kingdom, Greece, Sweden, Hungary and Slovenia. These collaborations attribute already in sectors such as the continuous growth of human potential of the Company, the enlargement of the Company and the guarantee of Foreign Markets and the harmonisation of the Company, its products and services with European and International models.

The Company is responsible of upgrading 30 and more Educational Centres CYBERNET TRAINING CENTERS in Cyprus. The program of Upgrading the Educational Centres includes functional and educational reforms as:

New form of Cooperation
Re-designing of the operation and management of all Centres
Decentralisation through intensification of Provincial Organisation and local
self-government as well as
Educational reforms on issues like syllabus, new technologies and
The Company is managed by the Board of Directors that is staffed with seven active factors of Educational Industry, with more than 10 years of activity in Cyprus and abroad in the new Technologies, Computers, Internet, Multimedias and their applications in the Education and Training sector.

The Administrative Structure of Company appears in the Flow chart. The CYCYB Ltd via her educational centres, CYBERNET TRAINING CENTERS from 1999 offers courses that lead to certifications ECDL, KEBE, GCE, and exams related to university entrance approval. Now with the challenge of globalisation we extended the range of our services with final aim the better service of our customers and we now offer examinations ICT Europe and MOS since they are examinations of worldw

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