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21-10-2020 14:00

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Vassos Eliades Group

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Vassos Eliades Group
24 Aristidou Str. 2370 Ay. Dometios
22 897300
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Vassos Eliades Ltd bears the name of its founder, the late Vassos K. Eliades, and has been the agent of Swiss food giant NESTLE for the island of Cyprus since the inception of the company in 1933. The relationship of Vassos K. Eliades with NESTLE starts even earlier, in 1913. From 1920 to 1933 he was employed by NESTLE as a general supervisor for NESTLE products for the island of Cyprus. Vassos K. Eliades was a brilliant and hardworking businessman. By 1940 the company was already one of the biggest and most highly respected trading companies in Cyprus.

The company continued to grow and by 1958, both of Vassos K. Eliades’ sons, George and Kypros, were made shareholders in the company. In 1960 George V. Eliades joined the company and so did Kypros V. Eliades in 1972. Acting as managing directors, the second generation brothers continued the growth of the company which firmly positioned Vassos Eliades Ltd today as the biggest import and distribution company of fast moving consumer products in the island, with a network that covers the whole of Cyprus supplying a range of the most well known products and brands from around the world including NESCAFE, MAGGI, KIT KAT, GRANT’S whisky, DUREX, PAPADOPOULOS Biscuits and many other.

Vassos Eliades Ltd, has also grown by expanding and diversifying its activities. The company owns and runs the leading sports retail outlets chain in the island, with 13 NIKE shops, all situated in prime locations, as well as 5 SCHOLL shops and 3 QUIKSILVER shops. It also operates the largest chain of 3 haute horlogerie and jewellery boutiques in Cyprus, and is the agent of some of the most prestigious brands in the world like CARTIER, VAN CLEEF & ARPELS, JLG, in addition to operating 4 SWAROVSKI boutiques.

With most of the third generation having already joined the company, Vassos Eliades Ltd boasts to have kept for more than seventy years the principles by which it was founded. Vassos Eliades Ltd is the most professional employer but at the same time more than family to the 350 people employed all over the island. The long and lasting relationships with its suppliers are testimony of aligned and fruitful collaborations based on trust and respect. Covering the universe of clients in all trade channels, the company provides the highest level of service, attending to the clients and customers’ needs and requirements at all times.

The above principles also lay the foundations of the vision of Vassos Eliades Ltd, our vision, which is to continue to grow just as a family grows, to build the relationships with our partners based on trust and respect, having as our prime task to service the changing needs of our customers.

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