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Along the good work of ESEL - SPOLP which makes its presence strongly and creatively in all expressions of everyday life, another mission exists, which is accomplished at the same time but in tones that are as low as possible, almost in unsuspected tones ... This is its social mission. This is what comprises the social face of the Company and which declares its presence in every humanitarian call.

The samples of social offering are many! The tragic events of 1974 found the storehouses of the Company open and giving goods freely to everybody. The Company directly tried to employ as many refugees as possible who were working in Cooperative General Markets. In this way they prevented even worse consequences for their families and the economy. It facilitated its customers for a long period of time through an unscheduled incorporation of the paying - on - credit system.

ESEL - SPOLP has a strong presence in the form of unscheduled or annual subsidies in most of the benefactions as well as in a long list of Charity, Sports, and Cultural Associations and Foundations.

Today, more than 350 families are supported through employment by the Company. The Company ensures that people with special needs are also supported in this manner.

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