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22-03-2018 21:00

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Karayiannas Developers

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Marios Krayiannas
152 Griva Digeni Avenue
Address 2
Karayiannas Shopping Centre
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Christoforos Karayiannas & Son Ltd was established in 1989 and is the foremost Developer & Construction Company in the area. Christoforos Karayiannas is a refugee from Ayios Sergios next to Salamis in the now occupied area in Northern Cyprus. After being sent away from his home with his family in 1974, he has since built his company with his bare hands from scratch to what it is today - a high quality developing company. He runs the business with his son Marios who has taken over the managing department, and has two daughters that also work within the family
business. As a father and grandfather he takes everyone's needs to heart with great care to fulfill their dreams to buying a home in the sun

Since Cyprus joined the European Union, property in the area has become the subject of a dramatic rise in interest especially from prospective buyers from the UK. This rapid increase in interest is in all areas of the property market to flats, plots of land and all styles of housing for potential clients looking to move abroad on a permanent and semi permanent basis. Cyprus has become a favourite destination for the British with the attraction of its easy going lifestyle, hospitality, climate, beaches and quality of life. There is an established affinity between the UK and Cyprus as much of Cypriot law is based on British law, many of the locals speak English and we even drive on the same side of the road, unlike the rest of Europe.

Our family run business is staffed with experienced personnel, at all levels, fluent in English. Two of our sales staff are in fact from the UK, having moved over to Cyprus. They have married into the community, bringing up their children and learn to speak Greek. They can help you with all your questions and queries whether it being to the properties, schools, work or anything you need to know.

We offer the finest quality homes at very reasonable prices in a number of locations such as Paralimni, Dherynia, Liopetri, Sotira and Frenaros, many of these locations being established villages with all the requisite amenities.

Should you express an interest, we will dispatch our company profile and property portfolio to you which will aid you in your search for new home in Cyprus. Clients sent by the accredited representative, given at least two days notice, shall be met at the airport, transferred to a hotel and escorted around the projects by our company. The potential client will be offered two nights B&B accommodation free of charge with no obligation to purchase a property.

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