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How to grow your facebook business page


Personal notes on how to grow your business via Facebook

facebook-strategyDepending on the business you have your objective more or less is to get more leads, generate more exposure for your business and build better

Partnerships online… One of my sales mentor once said…


If you don’t have leads - you don’t have a business...and if you don’t have any one to promote your business to - you can’t make a sell.


Sales leads were the lifeline of my business and without them my business was on the fast track to failure.

BUT what I had to figure out is, how to actually generate leads and convert those leads into profits?

With the right how-to, anyone can start generating leads and building their brand on Face book. Turn the page to find out how. As a serious business owner it is important to find out what works and what doesn’t - quickly.

But the average business building online is using Facebook the wrong way.

So after spending hours and hours online, “thinking what you’re doing will explode your business,” you look up 30, 60, 120 days later tired, frustrated and still lead-less.

NO leads, No customers, No booming business...

Why? Because so many people jump into Facebook, drawn by the hype and popularity of this social media growth with no guidance, no strategy, no game plan....and they end up with no results.

Then they conclude that Facebook is nothing but a big waste of time.

Facebook can be a goldmine, a free marketing tool for businesses, marketers and brands to monetize social media. 845 million people are on Facebook - your customers and potential partners are hanging out on Facebook.

To succeed at anything you need to have a plan.

  1. Being results oriented…
    Know what you want out of Facebook? If you don’t know why you are on Facebook in the first place, you’ll miss your mark every time.
    List the top 3 reasons why you want Facebook to work for your business? (in other words what are your Facebook goals)
    What’s the # 1 most important result you want to see from your Fan Page?
    Facebook Fans Today___________ Facebook Fans in ___ Days
    Examples include raising brand awareness, enhancing customer service, building your email list, driving traffic back to your web site, building community, connecting with influencers, finding new partnerships. You may have multiple objectives, and that’s fine; be sure to prioritize your objectives.

  2. Design your profile

    Before you start connecting and adding fans to your Page, you want to create a strong Facebook profile. Why? Your info page is not just where your Facebook fans come if they want to learn more about you, it’s a prime opportunity to give people a compelling reason as to why they need your service and NEED to be connected to.

  3. SEO Face book page

    Speaking of keywords, depending on the type of Facebook Page you create, you’ll be presented with options for filling out your information.
    So many times I come across pages and profiles that are not complete and don’t contain targeted keywords that attract the traffic. Don’t make the same mistake. Use this opportunity to share exactly what you do, make sure to include target keywords based on your industry and let people get a full
    Understanding of what your brand and business are all about.

  4. Create A Compelling Page Design

    Presentation is everything online and in the increasingly noisy world of social media, you have to stand out on Facebook. And you do this by looking the part of a professional that can deliver quality content, services and products while building down-to-earth, authentic relationships with potential prospects and business partners.
    Get a Facebook profile page that people can connect with.  Keep your Page clean, make it eye-catching and easy to navigate so you give your fans an experience that will keep them coming back for more.

  5. Find Your Target Market

    To be successful on Facebook (or any social media platform for that matter) you have to know where your target market is hanging out. Where are they from? What do they look like? What are their interests? What groups are they active in? Are they influencers? Know your audience and you’ll be more effective in your Facebook strategy.

  6. Get Familiar With Facebook Insights

    Doing business on Facebook is just that - serious business. Understand the anatomy of your fans. Get Familiar with Facebook Insights. I know all the graphs and data can feel intimidating but to truly know if you are hitting the mark with your Facebook activities, track the trends,  understand fan growth and analyze your engagement strategy. If you are tracking your activity, you’ll know where your audience is…only when you know where your ideal customer is can you effectively begin to engage and connect with them in a way that cultivates relationships and puts your brand and business in a position to be seen and heard by the people that count.

  7. Your Content Strategy

    Prepare a plan for publishing and promoting a mix of updates, photos, videos, and links.

  8. Find People related to your business

    Who are your influencers? Influencers are the people who create viral action, who share content that drives a flurry of activity. Influencers create value in the social media space, because you can measure your success based on their activity. Create a list of 25 key influencers and connect with 5 of them daily. Make comments, share their links, answer their questions…

  9. Simply share…

    Integrate social media sharing buttons on your web site and share.

  10. Maximize Email

    Instead of promoting your Facebook personal profile, include a link to your Fan page in every email you send out.

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