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19-01-2018 11:55

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Cyprus Ecommerce… Building strategy

We often came across the situation that our customers want to have an on line shop selling their products and services. What you need to take into consideration are the resources needed to have a successful implementation and set the goals right.

Every business wants to succeed

Internet is the most frequently used method of carrying out transactions for most businesses. It allows anyone the luxury of accessing any information on your company from wherever they are, be it at home, office or anywhere else.

Moreover, you do need to find the right experts that would work close with you to help a business increase its profitability by customizing a web design in accordance with the needs of individual businesses. In brief, you need to speak to consultants that would help you build your business model via the Internet and take this further all the way. A case study, is www.spectus.com.cy that the company enjoys great success in their area of expertise and felt the need for expansion covering all Cyprus via the means of e commerce.

Why should you consider e-commerce

  • Your business will be viewed worldwide, whichever day it is. This is because anyone can log in at anytime, anywhere via your website. No Geographic boundaries.
  • You will be able to establish a great association with your customers due to the fact that interacting with them has been simplified as you can easily do it via the internet. In addition, they are also able to obtain knowledge on what you are offering without having to travel long distances to find you.
  • You will have more time to ensure that the needs of your customers are met since the work will be online and not manual.
  • The probability of committing errors is reduced as you are able to process data online, which in turn reduces expenses.
  • The period of time you will take to respond to requests for goods to be delivered to customers will be reduced drastically, thus leading to more effective and efficient service delivery.
  • It helps you penetrate new customer base without any difficulties since all one needs to obtain information on your business is the internet.
  • It acts as another opportunity to increase sales… yes, consider it as your best sales man.
  • You can easily carry out a survey of how successful you are in launching your products or services since everything is online.
  • The internet will allow you to indicate all aspects of what you are offering as it can accommodate a lot of information. It will therefore act as a one-stop shop for any information a customer may need.
  • You can design your website in such a way that allows sales as well as purchases to be done online. This will drastically reduce expenses incurred when you otherwise sell in person.

Things to watch…

 1) Estimate correctly the effort needed from your end.

  • Photographs & Quality of images (costs & Efforts)
  •  Text per photograph
  • Anchor text that is SEO enabled.
  • Price (and how often these change)
  • Tax issues and how easily can these be changed?
  • Language modules available
  • Who will maintain this and how often?

2) Monitor web statistics often so you can understand better who sees what?

3) Thing of means of supporting your web site/ecommerce thus

  • Social Media?
  • Banner advertisement
  • Etc.

Egroup, we are here to help you!!!
Christos Pashiardis
CEO – Internet Consultant.


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