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22-03-2018 19:35

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Charis Paspallis

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Charis Paspallis
15-17 Archibishop Makariou C', Konia
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Charis paspallis is a cypriot artist based in Cyprus. He was born in paphos in 1977. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts (1997-2002), in Athens, Greece, under the supervision of T. Patraskides and D. Mitaras. His work is based on the concept of change. Earth, nature and man's respect for his environment is the main theme, investigated through the ways humanity can change or even destroy Mother Nature with wars, violence and envy. In order to achieve this goal, Haris Paspallis is trying to invent new ways to bring into life his artwork. He has a unique process of achieving this as he takes examples from his own experiences. The artist has started a journey where he experiments with multiple media, different textures, earthly colours which transmit his message to the viewer in a most dynamic and comprehensible manner, portraying vividly nature’s wildness. Moreover, the animals in “Thysia” series are not just forms but symbols of our own selves. They are metaphors of a humanity that is gradually losing its mission and true nature. A humanity that slowly kills, sacrifices itself for a false “God”. An abstract work, emitting realistic messages that can be sent to the audience in order to bring about appreciation of nature and awareness of the importance of life, a “catharsis” and a way out to a common past and future that looks “the same, endless, untouched”.

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